Active Living

Reflecting on Active Living in Conjunction with Kaiser Permanente’s 50th Anniversary (Video)


Bike Fort Collins (BFC) has a passion for bicycling, and with this passion hope to improve transportation, health, economy and sense of community in Fort Collins. Leveraging their influence, BFC has committed to engaging the community to increase the number of people walking, biking, and using alternative transportation in northern Fort Collins. This is facilitated through the implementation of an active living plan, written by BFC project leaders and local residents, and funded by Kaiser Permanente. The focus community resides in Poudre Valley Mobile Home Park in northern Fort Collins. For this community, active living is more than living a healthy lifestyle. It also incorporates being more active in one’s community through advocacy and education. A goal of the project is to create a change that the people want to see. Coalition groups made up of youth and adults have been formed to guide the process of choosing the goals that will be met during the life of the grant, and beyond. The coalitions serve as a representation of the greater population, and pull together resources from outside of the park to achieve their goals.

Summer Bike Camp 2019: Thanks to Kaiser Permanente, we were able to host bike camp this past summer for kids from local mobile home parks in northern Fort Collins. It was a 2-week, all-day (M-Th) camp where the kids were exposed to all kinds of activities, but all via their bikes. Watch below to see a recap of their experience. 

First North Collins Community Event: Thanks to Kaiser Permanente and other community partnerships and support, we were able to hold the first community event in North Fort Collins:

New grant!

We are excited to announce that Bike Fort Collins has been awarded a Safe Routes to Parks Activating Communities Grant from the Safe Routes to School National Partnership. Between February and September 2019, Bike Fort Collins will work with community members of the Poudre Valley Mobile Home Park to develop action plans aimed at improving safe, equitable access to local parks in their community. The action plans are based on the Safe Routes to Parks Action Framework. The opportunity will leverage progress that has already been made through the current Active Living program. This is another exciting step in the direction of creating safer streets and a more connected network that supports active transportation.

Examples of the goals that will be reached over the two years are as follows:

  • Park playground improvements
  • Family bike rides and other active events
  • Mini Open Streets event
  • Bilingual bicycling education and wayfinding guidance
  • Bike share station in local area and accessibility or use
  • Off-street connections to local parks.

BFC will work with the community to build their capacity and will train a coordinator so they can continue the momentum of the project after the two years have come to an end. The idea is to create a sustainable program that is manageable for the residents without a large amount of outside influence. During the grant cycle,  BFC will work closely with other groups and organization such as La Familia, Institute for the Built Environment, Larimer County, and the City of Fort Collins to accomplish their goals. As the Active Living program continues to grow, BFC will engage and inspire residents of Fort Collins to take on the responsibility to live a truly active lifestyle.