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Bicycle Friendly Business Development

The League of American Bicyclist’s Bicycle Friendly Business initiative  was created to give businesses of all sizes, all over America, a set of guidelines, incentives and tools to transform their workplaces.

For more specifics on the League’s program check out this sheet that explains the program’s goals.

In addition to Fort Collins’ standing as one of five Platinum-certified Bike Friendly Communities and CSU’s recent designation as one of five Platinum universities, Fort Collins currently leads the US with the number of Bike Friendly Businesses.

Bike Fort Collins has invested in a development program that provides workshops, mentorship, and application support and review to interested businesses. The Bicycle Friendly Business Network team, that provides these services has been critical to Fort Collins reaching its current level of participation. And they’re excited to ramp up the efforts to enlist more businesses, help ranked businesses to keep climbing, and engage platinum-level businesses to share their expertise and experience to continue to shape the culture.

If your business is interested in becoming a Bicycle Friendly Business, please respond to and  someone from the BFB Network team will get back to you shortly to get the wheels turning.


More about the League’s program



Bike Fort Collins’ BFB Development program includes:

Outreach, consultation & mentorship:

We can come to your workplace and explain the BFB designation and/or advise your organization on how to become more bike friendly

Application process:

Assist you with the Bicycle Friendly Business application by helping you complete it and reviewing your draft before submission


Host informational and work sessions for the application

Ongoing support and communications:

Alert you of upcoming deadlines



Why BFB?

Happier, more productive workplace with less absenteeism
Attract  customers and clients, by joining our network, and by offering bike friendly amenities
Join  the chorus of businesses showing our civic leaders that planning for bikes and taking sustainable transportation seriously is a critical part of a responsible regional growth plan


Featured BFB of the Month

Horse & Dragon


Carol Cochran of H&D told us recently what being a bike friendly business means to them:

We are still in the process of becoming bicycle friendly — it’s definitely an ever- and on-going effort.  I can’t even remember where I first heard about the official designation, but when I looked up the application on the League’s website it seemed like a good process to help us learn of possible efforts/improvements we could make or do to encourage more cycling.  We think a bicycle is the best way to get around in Fort Collins 90% of the time (although we are both fair-weather friends to our bicycles) and we think encouraging more folks to climb on bikes whenever possible is a good way to address a multitude of problems — from mental health to traffic to CO2 emissions.
We try to support many different bicycling efforts — from BFC to being a supporter of a local racing team and providing some beer for the Co-op’s Women’s & Trans Wrenching Nights, but the biggest thing I think we can do is help spread the word and welcome folks who ride out to the taproom.  We sell helmets and lights at-cost in the taproom, we provide a bike shelter for our staff who commute this way, and we have a few “Horse & Dragon” bikes our team can use to run errands from the brewery.  We also had 12 of our team complete the Bicycle Friendly Driver program through the City.
I think being bicycle-friendly, to most customers, simply means having bike racks to which everyone can lock our bikes.   Behind the scenes, though, we are on a journey of trying to move our vehicle-dependency more and more toward bikes where we can, and making bicycling in Fort Collins an easier pursuit in any small way.




Fort Collins Bike Friendly Businesses







Honorable Mention

Water Pik, Inc.

Howling Cow Cafe