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Do you like getting prizes? Here are some ways to win:


Kaiser Permanente Summer Incentive Program 

Ride one of the Bike Share bikes now through Labor Day for chances to win some cool prizes!

Ride one of the Bike Share bikes now through Labor Day for chances to win some cool prizes!

Top 5 Winners – June: Daniel D., Rob V., Melissa H., Olivia C., Ian J.
Congratulations riders! Keep an eye out for an email next week with more information about your prizes from Topo Designs!

Top 5 Winners – July: Julian P., Zachary P., Micah C., Ann B., Andrew B.
Congratulations riders! Keep an eye out for an email next week with more information about your prizes from Topo Designs!

Top 5 Winners – August: Daniel D., Laura L., Jeremy W., Lucy D., Timothy D.

Mid-month longest Bike Share rides:

June July
 Vanessa S.  Daniel D.
 Ruby C.  Carley M.
 Pilar I.  Trechia M.
 Jennifer J.  Peter L.
 Katie B.  Sachini W.

 On April 1, 2016 the Fort Collins Bike Library evolved into Fort Collins Bike Share.

This Bike Share system is a collaboration of Zagster, the City of Fort Collins, and Bike Fort Collins along with the generous sponsorship of numerous local businesses.

How do I use Fort Collins Bike Share?

  • Sign up at
  • Locate a bike share station from the map below
  • Borrow any bike, unlock it, go for a ride, and return it to any bike share station
  • Questions – go to the Bike Share Kiosk at the Downtown Transit Center, or call 202-999-3924, or email
  • Start Riding Now

What’s new

  • Borrow bicycles from numerous stations around town 24×7
  • To get started, become a member at
  • Download the Zagster smart phone application and use it to borrow your bicycle
  • Return your bicycle to any of the bike share stations around town
  • The bike share fleet is brand new. Each bike is equipped with 8 speeds, GPS tracking, a lock, a rack, and lights.

FCPoster FINAL 3-29


What happened to the Bike Library?

  • Fort Collins Bike Share is our new community bike library. The same team behind the Bike Library is now partnering with Zagster, our bike share provider, to bring a truly unique biking experience for Fort Collins residents and visitors.
  • The FC Bike Share Hub inside the DTC (formerly the Bike Library) will become an enhanced cycling information center, staffed with knowledgeable Bike Fort Collins employees ready to chat about route suggestions, bike events and safety information, Fort Collins tourist information, and to help distribute helmets for bike share riders.

Why did the Bike Library become Bike Share?

  • In the eight years of its operation, the Bike Library primarily served customers who were interested in riding for recreation. The program was largely limited by our hours of operation and number of available bikes. One of our goals has been to better accommodate our commuters and other resident riders by increasing accessibility to shared bikes. By creating a dense network of bike share stations all over town, choosing to ride a bike instead of driving a motor vehicle becomes a viable option any time, anywhere.

Can I still rent bikes from Best Western University Inn and CSU Surplus?

  • Currently we do not have Bike Share stations at either location. However, the number of stations will continue to grow and our goal is to have stations conveniently located to all large populated areas.  We anticipate launching another large number of stations later this year.

Who is Fort Collins Bike Share?

  • Fort Collins Bike Share is a collaboration of Bike Fort Collins, FC Bikes, Zagster, Transfort, and a number of local business sponsors.

Who are the current Fort Collins Bike Share sponsors?

  • City of Fort Collins
  • UC Health
  • Odell Brewing Company
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • New Belgium Brewing Company
  • Associates in Family Medicine

How have rates and user fees changed? And can I still rent a bike for a full day or for multiple days?

  • With the Bike Library’s transition to bike share we are retiring our old fleet and modifying our pricing structure. There will be 3 membership passes available: daily ($7), weekly ($15), and annual ($60). Once you’ve purchased a pass, you may take unlimited free 30 minute trips between stations for the duration of your pass period. Trips over 30 minutes are $2/hour, with a maximum ride fee of $18. Encouraging shorter trips will ensure the availability of bikes for everyone who wants to use them, in the true spirit of bike share. That being said, you can still rent a bike for a full day or multiple days! Renting for a full day with a $7 daily pass + $18 user fees will bring your rental to just $25 for 24 hours; renting for a full week with a $15 weekly pass + $18 user fees/day will bring your rental to just $20 per day. Grab a bike any time you need it from any of the 13 stations. As more sponsors come on board, we will be able to expand the system and add more bikes, making it even easier to get a bike anytime, anywhere. 

Can I make a reservation?

  • There are numerous automated bike stations located all around the city, with bikes that may be checked out 24/7. With this new bike share system, we are not able to offer reservations. There should  be plenty of bikes available for your your use whenever you need one.

What happens if my bike breaks down while I’m using it?

  • We strive to be sure each one of our bikes is in top working condition each time it is checked out. Sometimes, however small mechanical issues arise. If you are experiencing a problem, please call 202-99WEZAG (202-999-3924) to get immediate assistance.

Where can I get a helmet?

  • You can purchase a helmet at the Visit Fort Collins center in Old Town Square for $5. (137, 19 Old Town Square, Fort Collins, CO 80524 map)
  • You can also purchase a helmet at our hub in the Downtown Transit Center for $5.
  • While there is no helmet law in Colorado, we always strongly recommend that you use a helmet!  

I’m not familiar with bicycle routes in Fort Collins, how do I find my way around?

  • Fort Collins has a network of low stress streets and multi-use trails to comfortably and safely get around by bike! Maps to the low stress network and trails, plus advise on specific routes, are available at our hub in the Downtown Transit Center.



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