Our Advocacy

Our Advocacy

Read our position on developer impact fees and the importance of reforming the process to stop subsidizing sprawl


candidates-2We reached out to all council and mayoral candidates in Fort Collins’ 2017 municipal elections to learn about their positions on transportation and growth.

You can read thier answers here:


District 1

District 3

District 5

Advocacy in the Bike Friendly City

Listen to executive director Chris J Johnson’s presentation “Advocacy in the Bike Friendly City” to hear how we can make a difference by thinking bigger.

Budgeting for Outcomes

To read more about the city budgeting process, check out Pedal Fort Collins’ great article on 2017-2018 budget offers.

To read out letter to city leadership outlining our budget priorities, click here:  Bike Fort Collins BFO Recommendations.


Town Hall meeting 2015


Town Hall 1
After the deaths of 2 local cyclists this summer, Bike Fort Collins and Your Group Ride held a Town Hall meeting on August 6 to discuss bicycle safety. The full meeting notes are contained in this document – Town Hall Complete Notes.  To get involved check out the summary of Action Items and Next Steps – Town Hall Action Item Plan.
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Listen to a complete recording of the Town Hall meeting

Untitled-1Advocacy is a critical piece of BFC’s work.  And in a small org in a busy city its hard to have eyes on everything all the time. so we’re looking for help.  We need folks who are interested in keeping an eye on agandas and long term planning calendars for local and county boards, committees and commissions and meeting with our BFC advocacy teams on a monthly basis to report back and to check in on what we’re doing.

We want to make sure we know everything thats happening in NoCo that affects our vision of increasing participation in active transportation (including development and land use issues),  fostering neighborhood and street safety for vulnerable users, promoting equity and inclusion in transportation access and planning.

Our teams are organized into transportation, parks and environment, business, legislative, housing/land use, and community health.

We’ll also count on the action teams to be the core of our rapid mobilization team for time sensitive campaigns.

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