You Know Me

You know me, I ride a bike

We are not a faceless entity riding a bike. We are your banker, your barista, your sister or brother. We are your aunt, uncle, mom or dad. We are cyclists that teach your kids and the doctors that take care of your heart or teeth. We are the commuting cyclists that just go about our business every day–just like everyone else. You know us, we ride bikes. We all share the same roads. Respect for each other’s choices in transportation and being mindful of each other’s needs helps everyone roll a little smoother.

We want this photo campaign to change the world, but will settle for this town, for right now. Drive kindly: Bicyclists, like motorists, represent the full diversity of our community.

If this makes sense to you, and if you believe that we can all share the roads together, please encourage your friends to become a member of Bike Fort Collins.

Check out our article in the Coloradoan!












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