Cut back on your stress; cut back on your waist line. Commute by bike.

Commuting by bike fights pollution, increases fitness, skips traffic delays (there’s even a few ways to get safely around the trains bisecting Fort Collins), and it often takes less time than driving. On the bike path you might see better glimpses of wildlife, the mountains to our west, or nice people holding hands.

More than 10 Selfish and Selfless Reasons To Ride to Work

  • Reduce air and ground water pollution relating to automobile traffic.
  • Cut back on the emissions that contribute to climate change.
  • Better fitness means less sick days (you can call in sick now and just to take a long ride).
  • Watch the baby foxes play along the Mason Street Trail.
  • Never wait in traffic, even if you’ve got radio to listen to sitting still in a car is no fun.
  • Save money on gas and car maintenance and parking tickets.
  • Never worry about parking.
  • If feels good, you get energized on the ride in and burn off any work frustration on the ride home.
  • Enjoy free breakfast—at Bike to Work Days.
  • Feel pride when you choose to do something good for yourself and those around you.
  • Tone and firm everywhere.
  • Strengthen your heart and lungs.
  • Build a positive sense of wellbeing.

Commuting Resources

Having the right bike, the right clothes, and a route that feels safe and scenic makes commuting enjoyable. Basic maintenance is important. See the resources below for help planning your ride.