That is the question we posed this month, as part of Colorado Bike Month and bringing back the Bicycle Film Festival for a second, virtual round. As a starting point to answering the question, we were excited to share and host the feature length documentary, Together We Cycle.

Together We Cycle provides an indepth overview of the history of how The Netherlands came to foster and establish the bike culture that it is known for worldwide today–where cycling is the obvious choice for most citizens. While many may now take that for granted, the truth is, it was a bumpy road with a variety of obstacles and opposition along with way. A tribute to Dutch tenacity, they were ulitmately successful and now serve as a model for the world over. Bringing this film to the community was well-timed as Fort Collins aspires to become a Diamond-Level Bicycle Friendly Community–maybe even the first city (based on the League of American Cyclist’s Bicycle Friendly America Program) and was very germane given BFC’s vision: For Fort Collins to be perceived as being the Amsterdam of the U.S. when it comes to bicycling. 

Bike Fort Collins’ Vision: “For Fort Collins to be the Amsterdam of the U.S.” 

Bike Fort Collins is also grateful to Snowbank Brewing and Horse & Dragon for hosting their own private tasting room viewings. We look forward to hosting our next round of Bicycle Film Festival live and in-person at a theater near you. And thank you to all our other supporting businesses and everyone who purchased tickets. Your support is very appreciated!

In the event you missed it, you can stream it HERE