As a heads up, this election will be mail only. By March 18 all registered voters will be mailed their ballots and will need to be returned to the City Clerk by 7 p.m. on April 2. 

All voters will be electing a new mayor, and voters in Districts 2, 4 and 6 will be electing representatives. In addition to those elections, voters will be presented with ballot and financial issues, or initiated, referred ordinances and/or resolutions. 

As your local bicycling nonprofit, Bike Fort Collins feels informed voters are an important mechanism to support safe enjoyable roads for ALL cyclists in our community. Each election year there are candidates for both local offices and local ballot measures that could have some impact upon our bicycling environment. With the objective of educating voters on local candidates views towards bicycling, we’ve sent a short questionnaire to this years candidates. The questions and responses are below are from Wade Troxell, Mayor.

Bike Fort Collins cannot take any official position endorsing candidates, this is information for you to potentially consider when making your own decisions.


Do you regularly ride a bicycle?

Yes and I would like to ride my bike for recreation and sometime on my daily business routine. I would like to ride my bicycle more.

If so, where is your favorite place to ride?

Long View trail is my new favorite! Mason Trail is my regular favorite.

What do you feel are the top two barriers to bicycling in Fort Collins?

Seamless integration of multimodal transportation systems with safe routes to everywhere with a goal of zero fatalities.

What should be the City’s role in supporting transit as a safe, affordable, efficient and convenient travel option for people of all ages and abilities?

City planning and its role in transportation system integration is critical for safe, affordable, efficient and convenient travel for all ages and abilities.

Do you support paid public parking? Please explain your reasoning.

Yes, we need revenue to support the City’s multimodal transportation systems.

Vision Zero

The Transportation systems section of our new City Plan draft refers to developing a safety enhancement action plan for all modes based on the City’s commitment to Vision Zero. Denver has adopted a Vision Zero action plan including mandatory progress reporting.

Should the City of Fort Collins have a formal role supporting, implementing, and reporting on Vision Zero?

Transportation systems are undergoing systemic changes. During these changes, I would like to see the City adopt Vision Zero.

If so, what should that role be?

It should begin discussions to have it be a component of the City’s Master Transportation Plan.

Distracted Driving

What is your opinion of the Distracted Driving Bill (SB 19-012), currently under consideration in the State legislature?

I need to learn more about this legislation and request an evaluation to establish a policy position by the City Council’s Legislative Policy Review Committee.


Significant areas of our local community have gaps in local bicycling and walking infrastructure. In addition to the safety hazard they discourage residents from these activities.

How would you approach filling in those infrastructure gaps?

City Council has aggressively been addressing and currently funding these gaps including meeting the our Congressional Delegation and US DOT. I am interested in Vision Zero and the implication that more needs to be done and when.