The 2022 Colorado legislative session began on January 12th with a number of important new (and old) bicycle policies on deck. We are most grateful for all the good work being done over at Bicycle Colorado and their efforts to push the needle on better transportation policy with bicycle safety and access in mind. 

Below you will find a list of current legislation under review for the 2022 legislative agenda. We ask that you take a moment to send an email of support to the designated representative for each bill letting them know that you support the bill and the work they have done to bring it to the 2022 legislative session. 

Bike Fort Collins and Bicycle Colorado are particularly in support of HB22-1028 or the “Safety Stop” for this legislative cycle as it holds the greatest potential for reducing bicycle crashes and fatalities. 

Please review details and talking points for each policy below and be sure to register with Bicycle Colorado HERE, to receive action alerts on policy matters. 

HB 22-1028: Statewide Regulation of Controlled Intersections (Safety Stop)

Contact: Representative Andrew Boesenecker, Larimer County

This bill would make it legal for a person on a bike to treat stop signs as yield signs and stop lights as stop signs. Rather than coming to a full stop, the “safety stop” allows cyclists to proceed through an intersection when it is safe to do so. With the majority of bicycle/vehicle crashes occurring at intersections, the safety stop has proven to be particularly effective in reducing these interactions and therefore directly improving bicycle safety. 

Key Talking Points Provided by Bicycle Colorado: 

  • Reduces interactions between motorists and bicyclists in intersections.
  • Reduces crashes in intersections.
  • Increases the visibility of bicyclists in the intersection.
  • Reduces the number of bicyclist-only injuries associated with starting and stopping on a bicycle.

Full Bicycle Colorado Fact Sheet HERE

HB 22-1104: Powerline Trails

Contact: Representative Andrew Boesenecker, Larimer County (also Prime Sponsor)

The Powerline Trails legislation requires utility companies to provide detailed guidance to communities on the development of long distance, multi-use paths under powerlines in order to satisfy permit requirements. Powerline trail guidance and support is particularly helpful in rural areas where staffing resources are limited. 

Key Talking Points Provided by Bicycle Colorado: 

  • Bring outdoor recreation tourism to rural areas of the state  
  • Provide a network of safe and fun routes for work, school, or play, away from car traffic
  • Reduce the land acquisition cost of new multimodal paths through public/private partnerships 
  • Improve sustainability and community connection

Full Bicycle Colorado Fact Sheet HERE

Prohibiting Coal Rolling in Diesel Trucks

Representative Joan Ginal, Larimer County (also prime sponsor)

Senator John Kefalas, Larimer County (also primer sponsor)

This bill would go an extra step in prohibiting drivers of diesel engines from “coal rolling” (or blasting diesel smoke) to vulnerable road users by making it illegal to sell, own, or operate a vehicle that has intentionally been tampered with for these purposes. A one year grace period will be granted for vehicles that currently have this aftermarket feature. 

HB22-1026 Alternative Transportation Options Tax Credit

Contact: Representative Andrew Boesenecker, Larimer County

This bill offers employers income tax deductions when they offer their employees incentives to use alternative transportation.