Winter Bike to Work Day (BTWD) 2022 certainly did not disappoint! Even in the face of frigid temperatures and icy winds our community of folks on bikes showed up with all the earnest enthusiasm you could ever hope for from one of the most bicycle friendly communities in the nation. How we have missed this event for the last two years of COVID! Two years of virtual gatherings makes us all the more grateful for these brighter days and the opportunity to come together and celebrate bikes and people and community….  all the things that make us proud to call Fort Collins home. 

Although this year’s Winter BTWD was not the most attended on record, it came pretty close! With a total of 1,750 riders, the 2022 participation comes in third in order of attendance (2017 and 2018 taking 1st and 2nd respectively). We are still awaiting the final breakfast station podium results that are soon to be announced by the City of Fort Collins, and will be sure to keep you posted on that front. We are so very grateful to all the amazing local businesses that came together to offer their time and resources to this cause. Many restaurants in Fort Collins are coming out of some pretty thin times. Those that were able to stay in business through COVID are the lucky ones, and we salute their generous and gracious sharing of breakfast delectables at all the stations throughout town.*

Similar to in-person BTWDs of year’s past, we ended the day with the Bike From Work Bash at Odell Brewing. Again, we are most grateful for all the local businesses who came together to support the after party with an impressive line-up of door prizes and drawings. These are the things that help keep Bike Fort Collins afloat and we are humbled by the generous support of the following businesses:

  • Otter Products
  • TREK North, Fort Collins
  • Drake Cycles
  • Brave New Wheel
  • Niner Bikes
  • Topo Designs

And of course, Odell Brewing as both host and donor. 

Many thanks to everyone for making Winter Bike to Work Day 2022 a huge success and we can’t wait to see you all again in the summer!

*If you enjoyed a burrito or a donut or a bagel or any form of breakfast bite or beverage this Winter BTWD, we encourage you to patronize said business and let them know how much you appreciate them and their support of BTWD.