Grab your handlebars and fasten your seatbelts (metaphorically, of course), because we’re about to take you on a ride down memory lane, reliving the unforgettable annual Tour de Fat that had our town buzzing with excitement, laughter, and a whole lot of quirky creativity. This event wasn’t just your run-of-the-mill fundraiser; it was a pedal-powered carnival that left a trail of smiles and memories in its wake.

Picture this: the sun was shining, the air was crisp, and Mountain Avenue was transformed into a swirling vortex of color and costumes. Bicycles of all shapes and sizes were decked out in streamers, balloons, and the “occasional” Barbie themed. Yes, you read that right – Barbie was a legitimate fashion statement at this event. It was a day when ordinary bicycles became works of art, and riders became larger-than-life characters.

The Tour de Fat was more than just an opportunity to don outlandish costumes and embarrass your inner kid – it was a chance to give back to the community. Every year, proceeds from this whimsical wonderland go to four non-profits: Bike Fort Collins, Overland Biking Association, the Fort Collins Bike Co-Op and Send Town Bike Cub, on a mission to make biking in this community better, one pedal stroke at a time. So, donning an 80’s leotard while cycling around town wasn’t just a fashion statement; it was a statement of support for a worthy cause.

The bike parade was undoubtedly the crown jewel of the event. Imagine a parade of bicycles, each one helmed by a character straight out of a fantastical world. From pirates to under water sea creatures, Ken and Barbie to sassy disco dancers, the creativity knew no bounds.

The joy of the bike parade wasn’t just in the visual spectacle – it was in the contagious enthusiasm that spread like wildfire through the crowd. People lined the streets, clapping, cheering, and occasionally scratching their heads in bewildered delight as they tried to decipher the inspiration behind a cyclist dressed as a giant chicken with an egg attached to the bottom of the bike. And that’s the magic of this event: it brought together people from all walks of life to celebrate eccentricity, unity, and, most importantly, bicycles.

But the parade was just the tip of the handlebars. Tour de Fat included a medley of activities from the bike pit, where coordination was key and laughter was inevitable, to the circus show on the main stage that kept the audience in amazement. New Belgium’s grounds were a smorgasbord of delights for the senses. Food trucks lined the back, live bands jammed on the main stage, DJ’s out front, inviting attendees to groove, twirl, and even a dance-off to win a new bike.

The magic of the Tour de Fat was that it wasn’t just a one-day spectacle. It was a reminder of the power of community, the importance of giving back, and the sheer joy that comes from embracing your inner child and letting your imagination pedal wild.

As we eagerly await the next installment of this pedal-powered extravaganza, let’s hold onto the laughter and camaraderie that is Tour de Fat!