The Bike Fort Collins 2023 Raffle was launched on June 15th and ran through this past weekend where the winner was drawn just after the Best Dressed Contest during our annual Bike Prom event. Participants were able to purchase entries in allotments of 10 for $10, 30 for $25, 75 for $50, or 200 for $100, or 500 for $200. Up for grabs were was a brand new Priority Bicycle Current E-Bike valued at $3,300.

Dave Dixon, Bike Fort Collins, Executive Director administered and announced the winner of a random drawing from the stage of The Lyric in accordance with Colorado Bingo and Raffle Laws and the BFC 2023 Raffle Official Rules.

And congratulations to Wendy Poppen, who’s entry #665 out of nearly 6,300 entries was generated as the winner. While her official prize is on order, watch the video below to see her test driving a Current E-Bike after learning she won.

Thanks to all who participated—and for your support of BFC. Watch for another BFC Raffle and a chance at more great prizes next year.

Congratulations, Wendy Poppen!

Priority Bicycles, Current E-Bike Prize Winner, Wendy Poppen!