Poudre Valley Mobile Home Park is located on highway US-287 just north of Fort Collins city limits. This section of highway is under jurisdiction not only from CDOT, but also the county and the city (as part of a growth management area). To enter or exit Poudre Valley Mobile Home Park by foot or bicycle, residents previously had to walk along the shoulder of the state highway as cars and semi-trucks passed at forty plus miles an hour.

Before: A picture of the North College Avenue and Terry Lake Road intersection, just outside the entrance to Poudre Valley Mobile Home Park, before the construction of pedestrian sidewalks and bike lanes (2018).

Recognizing the safety hazard in this situation, Bike Fort Collins, as part of its Active Living program, advocated for the extension of the North College sidewalk and bicycle lane redevelopment to be continued into the Growth Management Area between the entrance of Poudre Valley Mobile Home Park and city limits at the North College canal. Bike Fort Collins successfully navigated the project within the various stakeholders and the advocacy work resulted not only in the city extending bike lanes to Terry Lake Road, but also the construction of six-foot wide sidewalks, two new bus stops with a pull out, and two pedestrian bridges to safely cross the canal. The project is due to be completed in this fall, thereby connecting Poudre Valley Mobile Home Park with the community through active modes of transportation.

Residents of Poudre Valley Mobile Home Park walk along the newly installed sidewalk on North College Avenue (September, 2019).