Over at Pedal Fort Collins, our partner and contributor Meg Dunn has written a great article about the City’s upcoming budget process, which they call “Budgeting for Outcomes”.

I encourage you to check it out and to follow her blog for a deeper dive, but the short version is the city breaks down budget conversations into 7 categories, one of which is transportation.

Even outside of transportation there are other offers and issues that affect road safety and which we would like to see prioritized.  But as a start, I want to share a short list of offers that are up for consideration, to be either supported or not supported by council this fall.

at YGR Live on July 28th, we’ll be featuring a guest from the city who can answer question and advise us how to make our voice heard in the process.  BFC will be sending out a poll in our August newsletter that will inform our recommendation to council.

Heres the transportation budget offer document:  its a pretty heavy lift

Here’s the home page for the BFO process

And here’s a shortlist of some standout items:


Outcome Area:  Transportation

1.7 – ENHANCEMENT: Pedestrian Sidewalk – ADA

3.10 – ENHANCEMENT: Protected Intersection Pilot Project

3.11 – ENHANCEMENT: Bicycle Infrastructure .

3.12 – ENHANCEMENT: FC Walks Program 

3.18 – Ongoing: Safe Routes to School Program – KFCG OT

3.19 – KFCG ENHANCEMENT: All Kids Need Safe Routes to School-KFCG OT

3.20 – Ongoing:  FC Bikes – KFCG OT

3.22 – ENHANCEMENT: Bicycle Safety and Promotion Programs

3.23 – ENHANCEMENT: Travel Behavior Survey

3.4 – ENHANCEMENT:  CCIP Bicycle Infrastructure

3.7 – ENHANCEMENT: Low Stress Bike Route Design and Construction

3.9 – ENHANCEMENT: Protected Bike Lane Pilot Project

60.10 – KFCG ENHANCEMENT: KFCG SMP Concrete: ADA-Safe Routes to Everywhere Compliance 

67.1 – Transit Local Fixed Route Network

67.5 – Dial-A-Ride Service

67.6 – Transfort Capital Repair and Replacement

67.7 – KFCG ENHANCEMENT: Colorado State University Football Game-day Transit Service

67.8 – KFCG ENHANCEMENT: Downtown Transit Shuttle Linking the Lincoln Corridor, Downtown and CSU’s Main Campus and 2.0 FTE Bus Operators

67.10 – KFCG ENHANCEMENT:  North College Corridor Transit and 1.0 FTE Bus Operator

67.11 – KFCG ENHANCEMENT:  Transfort Sunday Service and 7.5 FTE Support Staff for the Service

73.3 – KFCG ENHANCEMENT: Parking Capital Equipment


1.4 – ENHANCEMENT: Riverside Bridge at Spring Creek Replacement

1.6 – KFCG ENHANCEMENT: Lemay Realignment and Railroad Crossing Improvements Project – KFCG OT

1.8 – ENHANCEMENT: Willow Street – River District Construction – Final Design

1.9 – ENHANCEMENT: Poudre River Bridge to 1st Street Construction (Phase II of Lincoln Avenue Improvements)

1.11 – ENHANCEMENT: Railroad Crossing Maintenance  



3.5 – ENHANCEMENT: 1.0 FTE Active Transportation Planner

3.6 – ENHANCEMENT: West Elizabeth Enhanced Travel Corridor (ETC) Implementation

3.13 – KFCG ENHANCEMENT: Prospect Road Enhanced Travel Corridor Plan-KFCG OT

3.14 – ENHANCEMENT: North College/Mountain Vista Enhanced Travel Corridor Plan-KFCG OT



60.5 – Planning, Development & Transportation (PDT) Work for Others


63.1 – Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Program

63.2 – ENHANCEMENT:Traffic Calming Program Expansion