Bike Fort Collins <3's You: Valentine's Day Ride Contest

Love riding your bike? Loving having fun? Loving winning prizes? 

If you said yes to any of those things, we’ve got a fun Valentine’s Day contest for you! From today until February 14, draw a HEART while riding your bike (using any GPS service, including Strava, Garmin, Map My Ride, etc.) send a screenshot to Bike Fort Collins ( and you’re entered!

Interested in more ways to enter to win? Ride a Pace Bike while drawing your HEART and you’ll be entered THREE more times. Just send a photo of you riding a Pace bike along with your route screenshot. 

So, what’s the prize? Staying in theme with Valentine’s Day, the prize pack includes: 

2 Pace Bike Share coffee mugs 
2 Fort Collins Passports (BOGO drinks all over town) 
2 Bike Fort Collins t-shirts 
2 Passes to the Denver Zoo 


Plus, bragging rights. 

What are you waiting for, go ride your bike!

Support Bike Fort Collins this Colorado Gives Day!

We have some exciting news…

For the first time in our history, Bike Fort Collins will be participating in Colorado Gives Day!

What is Colorado Gives Day? 

Colorado Gives Day is an annual statewide movement to celebrate and increase philanthropy in Colorado through online giving. For the ninth year, Community First Foundation and FirstBank are partnering to present Colorado Gives Day. On December 4, all around Colorado, community members and businesses will come together to support nonprofits across the state. 24 hours of supporting organizations who make great things happen in your community. 

Why support Bike Fort Collins? 

Our mission is to get more bikes on safer streets, all while advocating for equality and inclusion in cycling. From educating youth through Safe Routes to School programming; to providing access to bicycles through the Pace Bike Share; to hosting no-drop group rides; and through our grant-funded programming that allows us to go into lower-income communities to provide free helmets, lights, education and bicycle repair, Bike Fort Collins is for all cyclists, no matter their ability, income level or age. 

We can’t do what we do without support, and that is why this Colorado Gives Day, we are asking for any amount of donation so that we can continue to fulfill our mission. 

Additionally, we are also looking to expand our Safe Routes to School programming outside of the limits of Fort Collins, and need monetary support to do so.

To schedule your donation BEFORE December 4, visit our Colorado Gives Day page here

Thank you so much for your support, and ride on.   


Fort Collins Bike Share is Now Pace

Bike Sharing in Fort Collins will be easier than ever before thanks to Pace, the nationwide dockless bike sharing service for smart cities and colleges.


Originally launched in 2016 as an evolution of the Fort Collins Bike Library, the Fort Collins Bike Share has expanded and improved to become Pace Fort Collins – a modern, dockless bike sharing platform.

Pace, a product of Zagster, is now live in eight markets across the U.S. and offers more than three million residents, students and visitors the ability to explore their cities and towns by bike for just $1 per trip.

So, what’s new? The new Pace Fort Collins bike share program gives riders 250 bikes to choose from, more than doubling the fleet size as compared with the previous program. The new system also allows riders to park their bike at any public bike rack in the city, not just at designated stations, allowing for a more convenient, easy and worry-free riding experience. There are also more than 20 new stations, giving riders even more opportunities to use bike share for both transit and recreation.  

New stations, including a station at the Hickory neighborhood in north Fort Collins, were made possible thanks to generous local organizations who look at the bike share program as a valuable way to get around. Sponsors of these new stations include Colorado State University, Kaiser Permanente, UCHealth, Elevations Credit Union, Odell Brewing, New Belgium Brewing, Dellenbach Motors, and Housing Catalyst.

So, how do you start riding? It’s as easy as downloading an app to your smartphone!

To start, find the free Pace bike share app in the App Store or Google Play. Once the app is downloaded, and a rider profile (name and email) is created, riders will then be prompted to enter their credit card information, any promo codes, EBT card membership info or sign up for the cash payment option. (More info on all of these options can be found at

Wait, let’s back up. Did we just say cash? You bet!

A new, exciting development in the Pace Fort Collins is the ability for riders to use cash to pay for rides. To use the cash option, you will first need to call or email Pace support ( or 833-321-PACE) to gain approval to enroll. Once access is confirmed, login to your Pace app to see a barcode linked to your account. Take this barcode to any 7-11, Family Dollar, or CVS to purchase ride credits with cash.

And then hop on a Pace bike and start exploring!

The fun doesn’t stop there though. The new Pace bikes also allow for holding rides using the integrated cable and wheel lock ring. Need to stop for a bite or coffee? No problem, simply “hold” your ride in the app, lock up and then resume riding to your final destination (which doesn’t have to be a designated station)!

Costs of riding is also affordable. All rides cost $1 per half hour (the first 30-minute ride for every new user is free) while a yearly membership is only $29 per month. Additionally, promo codes and free ride time is available throughout the year, look for these codes and opportunities on our Facebook, Instagram and through volunteer newsletters.

Side note for safety: don’t forget your helmet! While Pace Fort Collins does not come with helmets, helmets can be purchased easily by visiting the Visit Fort Collins office in Old Town or Maxline Brewing located off of the Mason Trail.

Fort Collins is a great place to explore by bike, and while the new Pace Fort Collins has helped expand the availability of bikes over the city, there are still places that would benefit from having stations just a hop, skip and a jump away. If your organization is passionate about sponsoring a Bike Share station, please email us at

Not interested in sponsoring but want to get more involved? No problem! Consider purchasing ride time for your employees, participating in digital campaigns, attending local Pace Fort Collins events, holding a Bike Share 101 demo at your office, hosting a group ride or initiating a Bike Share wellness incentive program. Have other ideas? Feel free to email us at We love and appreciate all bike questions!

So, what’s next? In the coming weeks we have several local events to increase excitement and ridership of the new Pace Fort Collins. We hope to see you at one of the events listed below, or would love to have you volunteer with us to help spread the word (and get some free ride time so you can have your own fun in the sun on two-wheels)!

Events happening soon include…

Fiesta de Movimiento Comunitario de Hickory Street

When: June 16

Time: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Where: Soft Gold Park, 520 Hickory Street

Why: Celebrating the new Hickory Pace Fort Collins station sponsored by Kaiser Permanente

Bike to Work Day

When: June 27

Time: 6:30 – 9:30 a.m.

Where: Stations will be all over Fort Collins and Bike Fort Collins will be partnering with Create Places at the Lyric Cinema, at 1209 N. College Ave., to serve tamales to hungry cyclists!

Why: Celebrating biking to work and the option to use Pace Fort Collins to get there!

Bike from Work Bash

When: June 27

Time: 4-7pm

Where: Odell Brewing, 800 E Lincoln Ave.

Why: Enter to win a free bike and other prizes. All proceeds from the drawing support the many programs of Bike Fort Collins! Enjoy the music and beer.

How to enter? Tickets to enter will be available at the door.

more bikes • safe streets • one voice



BFC  had an eventful night at RioSwap last night. By appearance, it was the best attended RioSwap by a solid margin.

In addition to the usual margs and bike parts, this year added trainer races (Courtesy of Gold Bike Friendly Business Source Endurance Center of the Rockies) and a live broadcast of The Bikes and Beer Radio Show.

IT was also BFC’s opportunity to talk about our new look and new vision publicly for the first time. I’ve been using the language for a while, because I think its an easy way to explain Bike fort Collins. Its an elevator pitch if you will.


The gist is this:

  • While infrastructure is critical, its wasted if it goes unused, and also probably counter productive.


  • Reciprocally, encouraging “interested but concerned” cyclists to take the leap is much harder without safe streets and progressive community attitudes about sustainable transportation to support them.


  • While a thriving, possibly even sprawling, bike community is an enviable situation for most communities, with scale comes the challenge of uniting and engaging and educating ALL cyclists about our shared challenges.   and presenting a unified voice to governments and businesses who influence the way our community grows.


So I’ve come to think of advocacy and community development as something of a feedback loop.    If we work to get more people on bikes, we have a bigger community to engage and activate to do the work, and together we can effect change to the way we think about and plan our shared public roads and spaces.   And this, in turn, helps us get more people on bikes.


Neat, huh?


The best part is, it distills to 6 simple words


More Bikes, Safe Streets, One Voice.


And thats our vision.


Over the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out a number of announcement about programs and events.  Some new, some expanded, some old favorites we’re bringing back.

The first major news is that starting today, will host an ambitious new blog dedicated to sharing news about everything that’s going on in NoCo cycling, with the goal of creating a more engaged, informed bike community. Topics will range from infrastructure to events to advocacy to project updates and closures and more. And we’ll be updating it twice a week. I am tremendously proud of the lineup, which includes contributions from the Bicycle Advisory Committee, the FC Bike Co-op, Overland Mountain Bike Club, FC Bikes/City of Fort Collins, Your Group Ride, Pedal Fort Collins, FC Bike Share and more.   We have a stable of regular contributors and plans for special guests from time to time a well.  This blog will covering everything from racing to advocacy to city policy to trail conditions to current events affecting NoCo Cyclists.     The blog will be updated twice a week.




So here’s where you come in.   BFC has committees and programs that are doing great work, and the programs we’re announcing over the coming weeks that will balance our advocacy and shape our city.   We need everyone who rides a bike, or even cares about someone who rides a bike, or even just cares about sustainable transportation and a healthy future for Fort Collins to join us.


Theres a tab up top that says “Support”,  There’s so many ways to support us.

  • Become a member
  • Become a volunteer
  • Become a donor
  • Join our Bike Friendly Business network
  • Join a committee
  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Follow us on social media.

Being recognized as a Platinum Bike Friendly Community is an acknowledgement that Fort Collins takes cycling seriously.

Now, our responsibility, as a bike community and as a city, is to make sure that as we continue to grow and change, everyone in Northern Colorado has access and resources to choose bikes and other sustainable transportation, can make  informed transportation decisions, and enjoy safe streets.   We must use our platform to develop new programs, that lead lead the way for other cities  to make the shift to putting people first in their communities.

Join us today.

We Bike Fort Collins







What the Heck is a Nat?


I ran into‘s own Dan Porter this morning at the donut shop, and had opportunity to ask him a few questions about a word that’s been popping up a lot on Facebook lately:

Some of my skinny friends have have been talking a lot about “nats” on facebook all week.  Whats up with that?

Right now, ‘Nats’ is referring to cyclocross nationals.  Cyclocross is the thing these days, all the cool kids are doing it. Even some of the not so cool kids are getting in on it. Jay Zorn for instance.
Where are Nats?

This year cross nats are in Asheville NC and from what I hear they’ve done an awesome job. Supposedly the best nats course ever and perhaps the best cross course in the US.

Are they always in the same place?

Nah, they move them every year. Last year was Austin and Boulder before that.  I believe they’re off to Reno (yeah, Reno NV) next year. [note from ed.: they’re in Hartford nexr year]


Steve Stefko at CX Nats
Steve Stefko at CX Nats


How come theres so many days of racing?   

You’re right, there is a TON of racing at CX nats.  They do some non championship races for some reason then a champ category for everyone. JRs, Elite, Masters, Single Speeders and everything is doubled up for men and women. Non stop racing from Tues -Sunday. I think I heard they’ll have over 2000 racers during the week.  I would guess that number is low. Cross is growing like crazy in the States so they keep adding cats and days.

Oh gotcha so how is NoCo doing so far?

We’re doing pretty well. Steve Stefko was 3rd in the 40-44 race. Kacey Campbell was 4th in the D2 collegiate race and Mike Bonenberger was 23rd in
the 45-49 race.

Kasey Campbell

Can anybody race nats?

Yep, anyone can race. Your start order is determined by your National ranking and in cross, that’s a big deal in cross. The rows are 8 riders wide and if you’re starting further back than the 3rd row, you’re already in a bad way.

Are there any locals racing this weekend that we should be rooting for?

Banking on strong showings from Brannan, Georgia and Kacey this weekend in the Elite races and Jeremy Norris in the junior race. Mike Bonenberger will also be racing the Industry Race on Sat.  That’s for people who work in the cycling industry.  I think he works for Training Peaks.


Are you racing nats?

Yeah, no.

Why the heck not?

I have lots of good excuses but the two best ones are money and motivation.  Our last race was way back on Dec 19th. Maintaining or even gaining fitness with 3 weeks of no racing and the holidays makes it pretty difficult.  Lots of people think they should move Nats back to Dec and I agree. They have it in Jan in an effort to get the US cross season to match up with the Euro season and to give US racers heading to Worlds in early Feb more racing. (like 10 riders).

Last year at nats, Porter stayed upright but those other two guys coulda used FC Bikes’ winter bike safety course.

Whats so great about cyclocross anyway?

For me, it pairs well with having a job and family. The races are short, less than an hour.  That means my training is doesn’t take long. 2 short high intensity workouts during the week and one or two races on the weekend and I’m good to go.   Much better than the time it takes to be a good road racer in CO. Plus the fam can actually see me for almost the entire race, plus the venues are usually pretty family friendly and close by.  My wife likes the fact that I’m probably not going to kill myself racing or training for cross.  


Can we watch live streams somewhere?

Yep, Cyclocross Mag and maybe even YGR will have the Sunday races streaming.

The fun starts at 11:30 a.m eastern time I believe.


last year at Nats, Porter kept it upright, but those other guys coulda used FC BIkes bike winter safety classes!


Winter Bike From Work Celebration



Ride your bike to Odell on Wednesday, December 9th to celebrate winter bike commuting! Reward yourself for layering up and braving the cold, snowy weather to get where you need to go on your bike with a free pint of Odell’s finest! From 4:00-6:00 pm, the FC Bike Library and Brave New Wheel will be there offering up cheers, high fives, free bike maintenance, and raffle tickets for an Odell bike jersey & gift pack and Brave New Wheel bike! All of the raffle ticket proceeds and $1 from each pint will benefit the Bike Library.


Pour Brothers Community Night!


Our pals at Pour Brothers Community Tavern have a great program they call “Community Night”.  Heres the deal:  on select Wednesday nights, they turn the place over to a deserving local non-profit and invite em to bring a “celebrity bartender” to sling drinks for a few hours.


The cool part?  The non-profit gets all the tips while the celeb is pouring.     Told you it was cool.

So as you can imagine, Bike Fort Collins is pretty psyched to be included in the Community Night project, and we’re hoping to see all of our friends and supporters at Pour Brothers from 6-8 on December 16th.

Our celebrity guests?  None other than Olympic and World Championship medal winning mountain and ‘cross BOSS Georgia Gould, and Windmere Realestate honcho, USAPC Chair and bike nut Eric Thompson. kingpin Dan Porter and Bike Fort Collins’ ruthless new overlord Chris J. Johnson are hosting the festivities, so count on hijinx.