Bike Fort Collins is excited to report the successful completion of three Paint Pot street murals and the lasting community connections that will remain long after the paint has dried. The Paint Pot project is a grant-funded partnership with Bike Fort Collins and the City of Fort Collins made possible through the city’s recently formed Asphalt Art program. Funding for the project was made possible through the National Association of City Transportation Officials’, Pandemic Response and Recovery Grant Program. Under the stipulations of the grant, project locations were selected using multiple criteria, with special attention and focus on historically marginalized and underrepresented neighborhoods. 

Beginning in 2020, Bike Fort Collins spearheaded the effort to bring street murals to our town in order to create placemaking, improve community cohesion, rethink how we use the built environment and elevate overall street beautification. Fostering input and collaboration with other cities around the country that have successfully executed similar programs, Bike Fort Collins is proud to have been at the center of a new movement in how we think about our streetscapes. It is important to note that, although the Paint Pot project was grant funded, ANYONE may apply to bring street murals to their neighborhood through the Asphalt Art program. (photo credit: Zack Haigh, City of Fort Collins)

Each Paint Pot mural has a unique story to tell based on the people who live there and the specific street dynamics of each location. 

We are infinitely grateful to the amazing community of folks who came together to help make this happen. It truly took a village to make this happen. You know who you are, and we thank you for sharing all of your time, talents, passion and care. 

With an established Asphalt Art program here in town (and a link on the City’s website soon to go live), Bike Fort Collins is happy to offer support and guidance to anyone in the community interested in bringing street murals to their neighborhood.

Additional photos:  Brian Thompson Collection City of Fort Collins CollectionBrian Barrett Film