As we reported back in January, Fort Collins needs a Bike Park! At that time, the city was seeking public input on prospective uses for the former Hughes Stadium site. It was all follow up to a community vote in favor of the following ballot measure back in April 2021:

Shall the City enact an ordinance requiring the City Council of the City of Fort Collins to immediately rezone upon passage of the ordinance a 164.56-acre parcel of real property formerly home to the Hughes Stadium from the Transition District to the Public Open Lands District, and requiring the City to acquire the property at fair market value to use said property for parks, recreation, and open lands, natural areas, and wildlife rescue and restoration, and further prohibiting the City from de-annexing, ceasing acquisition efforts or subsequently rezoning the property without voter approval of a separate initiative referred to the voters by City Council, and granting legal standing to any registered elector in the City to seek injunctive and/or declaratory relief in the courts related to City noncompliance with said ordinance.

Once the survey window closed in January, we learned that discussion of the Bike Park was planned for a March 14 City Council Work Session. We (as a bike community) therefore, showed at the March 7 City Council Meeting to share our support (with 80-some statements from community members) for a Bike Park at Hughes. The turnout even got the attention of Denver7-ABC News, who came up the next day to do a story on the Bike Park.

city council sessions

Click the buttons below to link to video recordings of the March 7 City Council Meeting and the March 14 City Council Work Session.

Stay tuned for more as the process continues.