Back in January we shared about Bike Fort Collins’ participation in Phase 3 of the Climate Smart Future Ready (CSFR) implementation planning process with the cross-functional group of community members and leaders from government, advisory bodies, business groups, academia, and community-based organizations that they had assembled. As we reported then, BFC was specifically asked to participate on the Mobility of People, Goods and Services working group (“Mobility”), which has since met two additional times (March and May). The goal of the working group(s)–see all four listed below–has been to find common ground and actions that we can and need to take in our community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase community resiliency while improving the quality of life for residents and ecosystems of Larimer County and beyond.

  • Built Environment, Waste, and Economy
  • Natural Environment, Wildlife, and Agriculture
  • Wellbeing and Resilience
  • Mobility, Delivery of Goods, and Digital Services

Your Input Needed

After starting with and filtering, combining, and massaging strategies that the “Mobility” group thought were important, it has arrived at these three primary strategies and has begun to develop action items associated with each. But the County and the working group are now looking for your input too.

We invite you to watch the videos below and visit the Climate Smart Future Ready project website by clicking on the button where you can not only read more about the CSFR plan and process, but also link to an input form.

Following the public input period, you’ll see from the timeline below that the next step in the process will be to review the inventory results, and for the county to host a Community Open House in early 4th quarter on the draft plan strategies. Stay tuned! And in the meantime, thank you for your input.

Remaining Timeline

CSFR Overview

Mobility Group

See overview videos for the other three focus areas: Built Environment, Waste, and Economy / Natural Environment, Water, Agriculture / Wellbeing & Resilience