When Bike Fort Collins reached out to our constituents with a survey last December to better understand your needs and where you live and ride, we found that one area of town was dramatically underrepresented: District 3 (Southeast Fort Collins). At the same time, D3 is also the part of town from which we get the most letters of concern. We hear all the time about speeding on fast arterials with limited pedestrian crossings and inconsistent sidewalks, token bike lanes inches from 40 mph traffic, commercial developments with vast, inhospitable wastelands of overbuilt parking, culs-de-sac and train tracks that force circuitous routing of what should be bikeable, walkable trips, parents who moved to Fort Collins to to enjoy the outdoors who find they can’t access nature without a car.

As it happens, District 3 is a particularly interesting race this year. Incumbent Gino Campana has declined to run again, making this the only council race on the ballot that doesn’t feature an incumbent (or a CSU employee, interestingly). Because it’s an open seat, it’s become a hotly contested, expensive race.

Its also the race that features the most substantial difference in priorities and vision of the future of the district and the city.

Remember: 29 votes decided District 6 in 2015.  Do your part.


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