Bike Fort Collins asked a few questions of our city’s newest BFB, [au]Workshop*, and here is what they had to say: 

1)   What made you decide to apply for BFB distinction?  
One of our principals’ sons is a serious cyclist and while doing some cycling related research he found an article on Bicycle Friendly Businesses and that lead us to the League of American Cyclists and after reviewing the application we said, “Hey, we are one of those businesses!” Of course since our office is in downtown it is pretty easy to be bicycle friendly—on an average day two thirds of our staff ride to work. 

2) What do you see as your greatest strengths in terms of being a bicycle friendly business?  
When we opened seven years ago, we bought computers and desks and two Brooklyn Cruisers (see photo below). Their presence was and still is a great motivator to hop on and ride to a meeting or just go for a ride. 

3) Moving forward, what areas do you aim to grow and improve on? 
Maybe we can get three fourths of the staff to ride to work since our new office has zero car parking spaces and lots of bike racks. 

4) What insight or words of wisdom would you have to offer other small businesses in Fort Collins that might be interested in applying? 
Locate your office in the center of the city then find staff, clients and consultants within bicycling distance of your office! 

*Many thanks to [au]Workshop co-founder, Randy Shortridge, for taking the time to answer our questions!