In our May issue of The Pedal Post (eNewsletter), Bike Fort Collins posed the question: “Have you experienced conflict or felt unsafe while traveling through the intersection of East Horsetooth Road and South Timberline Road?”

Thank you to those who responded. Below is a recap of the results.


In addition, for those who reported conflict, we asked them to describe their experience. Here is a sampling of the responses we received:

  • This intersection is too large to feel comfortable biking through. Instead I take the Power Trail, but wish it had a better connection south of Horsetooth.
  • On the porkchop islands it is better, but I’ve still had drivers not pay attention to walk signals, go to fast, only look left (not right), etc. The SE side without island is the worst.
  • People ran a red light.
  • Never been there on a bike and never would go there on a bike.
  • a) Cars heading east on Horsetooth cutting across bike lane into right turn lane. b) Just east of intersection on Horsetooth, the roadway has a slight left then right curve. Cars regularly drift into bike lane as road curves.
  • Bike lane narrows significantly north of Horsetooth on Timberline. I try to avoid this intersection going north.
  • Although I live nearby, I refuse to ride my bike through this intersection. I prefer to use the Power Trail.


Finally, we asked respondents how they thought the intersection/facility could be improved. Here is a sampling of the responses we received:

  • A better connection from the Power Trail south through Harmony would keep bikers from having to navigate this HUGE intersection.
  • Underpass at Power Trail would be huge start; then another underpass near FCHS where Power Trail releases east (at Vermont St. I think).”
  • We tend to avoid this intersection whenever possible, rerouting to the North by Vermont or staying on Power trail, crossing Horsetooth then riding sidewalk on south side and cutting along street to the west of Timberline. This intersection seems too dicey.”
  • Complete streets or roundabout.”
  • “Outlaw cars.”
  • a) More than 1 yield to bikes sign; extend solid line to make turn lane start later. For both, making bike lane more visible (eg green paint).
  • They should have pushed the curbs back when they worked on them.”
  • I would ask that Horsetooth be reduced to one land and a barrier be erected between the traffic lane and the bike lane.”

Again, thank you to all who responded—and for sharing their experiences. Stay tuned for additional surveys inquiring about other intersections and bicycle facilities.