In our February 2024 issue of The Pedal Post (eNewsletter), Bike Fort Collins posed the question: “Have you experienced conflict or felt unsafe while traveling through the intersection of North Taft Hill Road and Laporte Avenue?”

Thank you to those who responded. Below is a recap of the results.


In addition, for those who reported conflict, we asked them to describe their experience. Here is a sampling of the responses we received:

  • There are a lot of vehicles that exit from the gas station or liquor store from the north side heading west. It’s difficult for them to see and predict the intersection at Taft/Laporte while also looking for traffic with the low visibility from Laporte.
  • It’s a big intimidating intersection where auto speeds can be very high. There is a variety of pedestrian traffic that would also benefit from slower speeds and buffers.
  • “Car running red light at high rate of speed. Have seen a dog hit by car going too fast to slow down.
  • I feel a bit exposed when I’m heading west. I think the right hand turn lane to my right (which I know is common and better than getting right-swiped) just leaves me feeling “out there.” And folks turning (every direction) are rarely looking for bicyclists.
  • Heading north on Taft, the bike lane disappears into a right turn lane. It’s uncomfortable and unsafe knowing where to stop at the light if going straight. Do you stop in the middle (straight) lane, knowing drivers expect bikes “on the right” but so you’re not blocking on the turn lane, or do you stop in the turn lane, blocking turning traffic since you’re not turning, but so you are ‘on the right.
  • No protected bike lanes and cars turning right on red have led to some unsafe conditions.


Finally, we asked respondents how they thought the intersection/facility could be improved. Here is a sampling of the responses we received:

  • “Restrain the exits from the gas station and liquor store, use angled parking. Maybe don’t allow left turns from that north side of the liquor store since it’s essentially at the light…make them exit to the west and go into the turn lane to go west on Laporte.”
  • Green paint and buffer zones might signal to drivers to reduce speeds and be cautious.”
  • Perhaps a traffic circle, perhaps a few speed bumps between Taft and Vine.”
  • I am not sure.”
  • No slip lanes but maybe some bulb outs.”
  • Bike lane / sharrow markings of any kind.”
  • Dutch protected intersection and protected bike lanes coming into the intersection. Also some daylight features to slow down traffic such as bump outs would be wonderful.”

Again, thank you to all who responded—and for sharing their experiences. Stay tuned for additional surveys inquiring about other intersections and bicycle facilities.