In our December issue of The Pedal Post (eNewsletter), Bike Fort Collins posed the question: “Have you experienced conflict or felt unsafe while traveling through the intersection of W. Mountain Avenue and N. Shields Street?”

Thank you to those who responded. Below is a recap of the results.


In addition, for those who reported conflict, we asked them to describe their experience. Here is a sampling of the responses we received:

  • The biggest issue is people turning and not watching for peds or bikes. (Both left and right hand turns.) The lights also don’t favor pedestrians, which makes people impatient and more likely to cross on a red.
  • It is a busy intersection, with Beavers at the corner. I’ve only traveled West on Mountain, I stay off Shieldsi St.
  • Riding with daughter to school and drive ran red light. This has happened numerous times.
  • People turning right on red without looking.
  • “Cars on Shields travelling at high rate of speed.


Finally, we asked respondents how they thought the intersection/facility could be improved. Here is a sampling of the responses we received:

  • Get rid of the turn only lane and widen the road. I couldn’t believe there was no consideration of this prior to letting the building where little is located was done. Seems like infrastructure should have been taken into consideration first.”
  • Prioritize peds and bicyclists and make sure the “all seeing eye” on the light pole that initiates a light change sees bicyclists. It doesn’t always.”
  • I would like to see overall speed limits reduced.
  • I only ride on Mountain, not on Shields, so from that perspective, I can’t think of any improvements needed.
  • “Traffic calming tools on Shields at intersection.
  • Really not sure how to stop red light runners. More flashing lights?

Again, thank you to all who responded—and for sharing their experiences. Stay tuned for additional surveys inquiring about other intersections and bicycle facilities.