As we’ve reported and have been working on since late 2019, the initiative to get new regulatory and more communicative road signage installed within Larimer County, as well as placed along Highways 34 and 14, is finally coming to fruition. Recall from our last update in October of last year that we were waiting for an official, CDOT approved, standardized sign format to communicate the “3-feet to pass” law. And, at that time, all systems were go, but from an installation schedule perspective, we had to wait further while (rightly so) Larimer County and CDOT dealt with implications of last summer’s Cameron Peak wild fire. And then, thus far this year, we’ve had to wait for warmer weather, so the roadway shoulders could thaw and create good installation conditions.

Well, the wait is over! We are excited to report that today Larimer County installed the first “Motorists Must Give Bicycles 3 Ft Clearance” sign of an estimated 80 total signs that will ultimately go in around the region. In total, Larimer County will install approx. 60+ of nearly 80 signs slated to go up, with 25 of them to be installed in the Loveland/Berthoud/Carter Lake area this week. Approx. 25 more will be installed in the Fort Collins/Horsetooth Reservoir area this fall, with the remaining signs to be installed in the northern portion of the county in spring 2022 (See the map below). We also anticipate CDOT’s installation of the same message/sign format in the several mapped locations in each direction up Highways 34 and 14 will commence within the coming weeks.

While this has been a year and a half long effort, BFC is especially grateful to (YGR) and the Scott Ellis Memorial Fund for their collaboration, their efforts and support. We are also extremely appreciation of Mark Peterson and Engineering Department team within Larimer County, as well as Katrina Kloberdanz and Bryce Reeves with CDOT Region 4 for their openness to hearing our request for new sign messaging and more of it–and how gracious they’ve been to work with during this process.

We’ll continue to provide further reports as progress is made on the above-mentioned phasing. In the meantime, be on the lookout for these signs around the county—and hopefully they’ll serve to remind, inform (even educate) road users in the region, ultimately resulting in safer roads for all.

Safe riding.