July 30, 2020 – FORT COLLINS, CO – Fort Collins is excited to announce the launch of a new website today. It not only includes a new, updated look that is more consistent with our newer logo (introduced about 2-years ago), but some new features as well.

A quick visit to the home page on occasion now provides headlines for current happenings, timely events, programs or projects. We also hope you’ll then find it easier to locate news about our programs and events with a more intuitive main navigation header.

More specifically, areas that are new or improved:

  • EVENTS: This section now highlights our main events, as well as Community Rides that we host during the year. We’ll update this section as any new events or Community Rides are added.
  • PROGRAMS: This section has been updated to better summarize our programs. We’ll update this section as our programs evolve, or new programs are announced, but also watch for program updates going forward on our News-Blog, as we’ll begin to post more news, updates and information here.
  • SUPPORT: This main section now more clearly outlines the ways to support BFC, including the following:
    • Volunteer Portal – There’s now a link to a volunteer portal where you can sign-up for specific events/projects, or to simply volunteer in general.
    • Membership – The ability to easily join the newly re-launched BFC membership program at either an individual, student, family or business level.
    • Membership Business Partners – This page highlights a list of businesses who have partnered with us to provide BFC members the offer, discount, incentive or program that is listed. Visit this section regularly as we hope to keep adding to this list.
    • Business Member Listing – This page highlights all the businesses who are business members of our membership program. Please consider these businesses or organizations when shopping, dining, etc., as they share the same affinity and interest for cycling as we all do. Additionally, this listing indicates whether the business is a Bicycle Friendly Business (and their respective level), a Sponsor of BFC, or a Membership Business Partner. Thank you to all these businesses for their support. If you are a business and want to be on this list, please contact us at info@bikefortcollins.org.
  • RESOURCES: This section is where you’ll find a link to our News-Blog, as well as BFC’s (and “The Original”) Legal or Not Quiz. We’ve also included a quick reference guide for other cycling clubs and/or teams in town, and local bike shops, in addition to some great places to ride and FAQs. Keep an eye on this section for new updates, as we’ll be sure to also announce them in our eNewsletters or via our News-Blog.

We hope you enjoy this new look. We’d love to know what you think. Feel free to share a comment below, or email us at info@bikefortcollins.org. Thanks for your continued interest in and support of BFC.