Recycled Cycles to “Recycle” Pace Bike Share bikes back into the community

Since the operator and owner of the Pace Bike Share (Zagster) left the market in late May, many have wondered what the fate of not only the bike share program would be, but the bikes themselves. And, while we await more news from the city relative to the request-for-proposal (RFP) process to replace Pace, we now know what will happen to the bikes.

As recently reported by the North Forty News, Recycled Cycles purchased the 232-bike fleet of former Pace bikes—the white bikes with blue wheels that we became accustomed to seeing in front of local breweries and around town. All Pace branding is being removed, as well as the mechanism and lock that enabled them to be remotely checked-out via the former Pace app, so approximately 200 of them can be sold individually back to the public. The remainder will be kept for Recycled Cycles’ rental fleet. 

Lucky buyers to receive Bike Fort Collins membership

And, fortunate for those 200 lucky buyers, and for Bike Fort Collins, Recycled Cycles is including (at their expense) a 1-year membership to BFC as part of a package deal, to each person who purchases one of the bikes—a $25 value. Look for a hang tag like the image shown here on each eligible bike.

Bike Fort Collins is especially appreciative of Recycled Cycles for this gesture, given the history BFC has with bike share in Fort Collins. BFC, in partnership with the City of Fort Collins originated the Fort Collins Bike Library (FCBL) back in 2008. In 2016, it evolved to a bike share model like we know today when the city contracted with Zagster to provide the service.

Needless to say, we encourage you to buy one these bikes. You’ll not only become a member of BFC, but you’ll get a great, all-around, durable, and comfortable cruiser to get around town.