The following is a summary of this Ride-Around-Town (RAT) Ride organized and led by Bike Fort Collins. RAT rides are open to the public and their purpose is to explore and discuss the strengths and weaknesses in bicycle infrastructure and connectivity in Fort Collins. 

  • Date: October 21st, 2021
  • Time: 5:30 p.m.
  • BFC Ride Leaders: Anna Kelso, Bruce Henderson, Dave Dixon
  • # Attendees: 11


  • Start – South on Remington St. from Equinox Brewing
  • U-turn at Prospect Rd.
  • Right on Pitkin St. to Stover St.
  • Left on Stover St. to Elizabeth St.
  • Left on Elizabeth St. to Remington St.
  • End – Equinox Brewing

Notes & Observations

  • Although the city does a relatively good job of placing temporary bike detour signage during construction, more thought and safety considerations could improve potential risks especially in high bike traffic areas such as Remington St. 
  • Traffic speeds on Prospect St pose a safety risk for cyclists crossing Prospect St. while traveling in the Remington Bike Lane. Vehicles speeding to avoid the red light at this intersection are of particular concern. Some suggestions include signal controls, traffic cameras, and better visibility of highly trafficked bike lane crossing (i.e. street paint) . 
  • Cars parked in the Remington Bike Lane continue to present a very real safety concern, particularly utility and parking enforcement vehicles. Promoting more Bicycle Friendly Driver classes for commercial and city drivers could be helpful in addressing this issue. 
  • Pitkin St. is soon to see our city’s first “advisory bike lane.” This is an exciting new piece of bicycle infrastructure; however, more education and general information is needed in order to gauge community reception.
  • Although the October Rat Ride did not take the Stover Bikeway across Prospect St., there is growing concern over lack of bicycle infrastructure at this intersection. Close proximity to cars while crossing on sidewalks, and overall poor design in terms of bicycle and pedestrian safety create a significant and notable risk exposure particularly because it is in close proximity to both Lesher Middle School and PSD Global Academy.

We are grateful to everyone who participated this RAT Ride and will submit a formal report with the above notes to City of Fort Collins. Join us again in 2022 for more RAT Rides to follow! Watch our social channels and e-Newsletter for registration details. Your voice matters!