Last year an exciting new statewide program was introduced that essentially created a new season of giving to support Colorado nonprofits and the work we do. The new program enables you, a Colorado resident, to use any portion of your state income tax refund to make a difference in your community. If you’re due a state income tax refund, you can elect to contribute some or all of the refund to directly support a local nonprofit that “matters to you,” like Bike Fort Collins.

The new program, promoted through the ReFUND CO awareness initiative,* lets you choose where your donation goes. All you have to do is decide how much of your state income tax refund to donate (all or a portion of it), and then….

Enter our legal name, Friends of the Fort Collins Bicycle Program, Inc. and our registration number 20133000963 in the “Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit” line on your state tax return or tax software – or give our name/number to your tax preparer when you share your tax documents.

Colorado returns more than $1 billion in refunds to its 1.9 million state taxpayers. Imagine the portion of that going to Fort Collins residents and how much it could support local community causes like Bike Fort Collins.

Because our important work is never done, we’re always in need of new funds to revitalize our organization and recharge our work. And, needless to say, the pandemic in 2020 only contributed to that need given the impact it has had, and pressure it has put on other funding sources. ReFUND CO is a great way to support our mission at this critical time.

On behalf of all of us at Bike Fort Collins, including our dedicated staff and team of volunteers, thank you in advance for your consideration and sharing your tax refund with us.


*ReFUND CO is a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Association and implemented by the Colorado Department of Revenue and Colorado Secretary of State. It’s the result of bipartisan state legislation enacted in 2018 that was sponsored by Sen. Lois Court, Rep. Jim Wilson, and Rep. Chris Hansen.