With over 250 participants, the Ride For Racial Justice (RFRJ) – Fort Collins on Saturday, September 12th was a huge success! Folks of all ages and colors showed up in a proud and visible statement of solidarity to support efforts in dismantling systemic racism. We are so grateful to RFRJ co-founders, Marcus Robinson and Neal Henderson for bringing the RFRJ to Fort Collins. Through these rides we aim to create a space where everyone feels safe, free and empowered to ride their bike regardless of color.

Gathering at Spring Canyon Park, the day kicked off with opening statements from Robinson and Fort Collins’s own, Alisha Zellner. Alisha has become a voice in the advocacy world as she leads the way in breaking down barriers to entry in the cycling community at the local and national level. Other notable figures in attendance included professional road cyclist, Dante Young, and former Broncos player & Super Bowl winner, David Bruton.

To date, RFRJ has been held in Denver, Boulder, and (most recently) Fort Collins. Their efforts continue in Colorado Springs with the next RFRJ to be held on October 10th.

Many thanks to those who came out to ride! Real change can only happen with an engaged community and Bike Fort Collins is proud to assist in these efforts. You can continue to follow and support the Ride For Racial Justice on facebook, instagram, and on their website:


Stay engaged and stay involved, it’s the only way!

photo credit: Marcus Robinson

video credit: Peter Scott Barta and Anna Chiara Garland