ride of silence

May 18 marks another year that we take a slow, silent ride through Fort Collins: reflecting, mourning, celebrating the lives that we have lost to traffic violence.

A cyclist is hit and killed in the U.S. at a rate of 21 deaths in 100 million trips. Despite this low accident rate, it seems that we all know someone who has contributed to this statistic. For us, however, it is much more than a statistic–it’s a friend, son, daughter, husband, or wife, whose life was taken too soon.

Cyclists are a rare breed; we test our limits in cold, snow, sleet, heat and hail to enjoy that euphoria that comes with getting on our saddle. We throw on our helmet, attach our lights, mirrors, reflectors: our only protection when wrestling with traffic.

Then there are those who neglect their nights, abandon their helmet, feeling invincible. Ninety nine percent of the time–helmet or no–we get home safely. Ninety-nine percent of the time it doesn’t matter if we were wearing our helmet.

As you ride in silence on May 18, reflecting on the dear lives taken too soon, think about your own life and those who would ride for you if you were lost. Wear a helmet for them Attach your lights, and your mirrors and your reflectors for them.


Ride Safe Out There,

Bike Fort Collins


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