EDIT 4/19 – After speaking to the Parks Department, they wanted me to make clear that the North  (yellow) route is actually not a trail and is technically private property.  To that end, I want to clarify that this map is not an official city communication.    Ride on private trail spurs at your own risk.

Starting Monday, April 18th , the Spring Creek Trail underpass at College Ave will be closed for several weeks (“through mid-May” according to the FCgov trail status page.)


Those who use the underpass regularly will be familiar with this closure and detour from last fall.


Here’s CDOT’s project info.

Here’s The city’s trail closure info.


Above is a map of detour options.

Important points:  For Westbound traffic, you can either cross at the light Spring Park and College, or use the Crosswalk on the south side of the intersection.  There is NO crosswalk at the north side of that intersection.     For Eastbound you can Use the EB bike lane from spring creek and change lanes to make a left turn on to spring creek at the Remington/Spring Creek intersection, or use the College and Spring Creek crosswalk to reach Spring Creek Trail at the corner of College and Spring Creek.