Sustainable means Affordable

Over the last couple of months, in my “Letter from the ED” I’ve leaned pretty heavily on a couple of surprising statistics about the relationship between public safety and city planning. The first, in my September letter, was a traffic fatality study by the National Safety Council that connected the […]


October Letter from the ED – We Bike, We Walk, We Vote

I first got directly involved with Bike Fort Collins a little over a year ago, when, after a series of senseless, heartbreaking deaths of Northern Colorado cyclists on local roads, BFC reached out to me to help lead an emergency bike safety town hall.  In attendance were council members, traffic engineers, […]


FC Walks: A Step in the Right Direction

Everyone is a pedestrian. Whether you drive a car, ride a bike, or take a bus, at some point you get off and walk. The walkability of a city has been tied to improved health, increased real estate prices, more money staying within the community, and greater overall resiliency. Studies […]


September Letter from the ED – the Big Picture

It was a big week for bad news about the future of the human race. In particular, two reports popped up that caught my eye.  They’ve fortified some of my thinking about how BFC needs to evolve in the role we play, and in particular how we can leverage our limited resources and […]


The best routes to get downtown by bicycle

There’s a lot going on downtown during the summer. Carpooling to Old Town can be a smart way to go. But for some events, like New West Fest, parking spots are in very short supply. At times like that you’ll definitely want to travel by bike or bus instead (or […]


Bikes and the Budget

  Over at Pedal Fort Collins, our partner and contributor Meg Dunn has written a great article about the City’s upcoming budget process, which they call “Budgeting for Outcomes”. I encourage you to check it out and to follow her blog for a deeper dive, but the short version is […]


Need A Bike? Earn A Bike!

    Living in Fort Collins affords almost everyone the luxury of traveling by bicycle pretty much all the time. Unfortunately, not everyone in Fort Collins can afford the luxury of owning a bicycle. This is where the Fort Collins Bike Co-op’s most well-known and beloved program, Earn-A-Bike, comes into […]


How Not to Make a Left Turn

by Meg Dunn of Pedal Fort Collins Sometimes I see behavior on the streets that just stuns me. Last week I saw a motorist stopped at a red light (along with several other cars). But then, before the yellow had even come on for the cross traffic, she proceeded through […]

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From Boneshakers to Blade Runner

Today’s guest blog contributor is Todd Simmons, ofWolverine Farm Letterpress & Publick House.  We’re excited to have Todd contributing.  He works a sentence like Danny MaCaskill works a guardrail in a deserted parking garage.  -CJ At long last, the tenth issue (BA 43-500) of Boneshaker: A Bicycling Almanac has arrived. After being dropped […]