As we’ve reported back in April of this year, the initiative to install new more communicative road signage within Larimer County and up Highways 34 and 14, the installation process continues. Again, this is all the culmination of a nearly 2-year effort that was first primarily driven by the need to wait for an official, CDOT approved, standardized sign format to communicate the “3-feet to pass” law, and then delay implications due to the Cameron Peak wild fire in summer 2020.

While approx. 20 of the “Motorists Must Give Bicycles 3 Ft Clearance” signs were installed back in late April as part of the first phase by Larimer County, installation continued over the summer with the signage being installed up Highways 34 and 14 by CDOT, and even more recently with the second phase of approx. 20 being installed last week (identified as “Fall 2021” in the image below). The remaining signs, and phase 3 is still scheduled for the northern portion of the county next spring.

We’ll continue to report on progress, particularly next spring as the final phase is installed. In the meantime, continue to be on the lookout for these signs around the county—and we remain hopeful they’ll serve to remind, inform (even educate) road users in the region, ultimately resulting in safer roads for all.

As always, safe riding.