Once again, this month Bike Fort Collins shared a presentation featuring three more infrastructure/intersection improvement opportunities to the City’s Bicycle Advisory Committee. The opportunities included:

  • Spring Creek Trail Tunnel/Mason Trail Intersection
  • Jackson Avenue Crossing (at Mulberry)
  • Elizabeth Street (between Lemay Avenue & Stover Road)

Here are summaries of the opportunities we highlighted to the group for intersection or area of infrastructure:

Spring Creek Trail & Mason Trail Intersection – Based on BFC member and community feedback, we shared the danger this trail intersection represents due to the blind approach westbound Spring Creek Trail users have due to the promity of the tunnel exit (under the railroad tracks) to the intersection. We highlighted how, despite being a 3-way stop, while not recommendaed, many users do not stop only increasing the danger and potential for crashes/collisions. BFC suggested and proposed the intersection should be realigned to push the portion of the Mason Trail (that passes in front of the tunnel) to the west, leaving a view plane of the Mason Trail in both directions (north and south) as they exit the tunnel, but prior to reaching the intersection (see photo below).

Jackson Avenue Crossing (at Mulberry) –  This crossing has the potential to be blind for both bicyclists and trail users, as well as southbound vehicular traffic on Jackson Avenue. If the diagonal parking on the west edge of Jackson is full, the view plane for an eastbound bicyclist coming from Mulberry on the trail is severely compromised (see video below). Bike Fort Collins proposed that a series of green skip dashes be installed across Jackson (see photo below) to make it more apparent where the trail goes for bicyclists, while–most importantly–serving to calm southbound traffic and better make vehicles aware of crossing bicycles (trail traffic) as they approach the crossing.



Elizabeth Sreet (Between Lemay & Stover) – This section of Elizabeth has no dedicated bicycle infrastructure, as there are only sharrow markings through this stretch, despite being immediately adjacent to an elementary school with a trail connection from the street to the school. Additionally, thee sidewalks are very narrow through this area. Vehicles tend to travel fast, despite the three ineffective speed bumps, as they don’t even require motorists to apply their brakes (see video below). BFC suggested that this portion of Elizabeth needs better pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, especially for kids walking/riding to school. We indicated that this area could be a great potential candidate for an advisory bike lane, much like the forthcoming experimental lane to be installed on Pitkin Avenue (between Stover and Remmington). At a minimum, maybe the speed bumps can be improved to require vehicles to slow down in order to navigate them.

Westbound on ELIZABETH 


As with our previous presentations, the information in the presentation was well received . The commitee members shared their experiences and comments following each section of road/bike lane and several potential solutions were discussed for each. BFC captured comments and will follow up with the city on next steps and/or any progress toward a solution (both shorter and longer term).

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any improvements or measures that are taken at any of these intersections as a result of presentations like these and/or our continued efforts to generate awareness for the opportunities at intersections and other facilities, as well as any future presentations we make.

In the meantime, click here to filter our blog posts for just those on the topic of intersection and facility improvement opportunities. And, please continue to let us know when (and where) you have unsafe experiences on your bike (or even walking) as a function of the way the road/street is designed, striped, configured, etc. Either submit a comment below or email us at info@bikefortcollins.org.