In addition to the bike tune-up sessions we reported on in late June, Bike Fort Collins in partnership with the Larimer County Department of Health and the Built Environment, also created the following bicycle resources for the Spanish speaking community, designed to be a single point of reference for community members with any questions regarding “bikes.” The resources are particularly targeted at individuals who are new to riding or have not ridden their bike for some time and may just feel like they don’t know where to begin again.


BFC created a bilingual web page of bicycle resources covering topics such as how to find the right bike, safe riding resources, and bike safety for kids. The page is meant to be fluid, as we will continue to add to it as we either create or discover additional content–that is in Spanish—that could be helpful in providing an individual or family the information they need to get a bike, get back on a bike, fix a bike, or get comfortable with riding their bike.


In addition to a number of other video links on the bicycle resource web page, the page also features links to the following three safe routes to school videos that BFC produced. The videos are voiced-over in Spanish and were shot from a point-of-view perspective literally showing the safe route to take to three different middle schools from three different mobile home park communities utilizing the city’s low-stress bicycle network and bike trail system. Each video concludes with the total distance the route entails and the approx. time it takes to travel it. The BFC Safe Routes to School Instructors in the videos also demonstrate how to follow the rules of the road and use proper bicycle hand signals to communicate to other road/path users. These videos are intended to ease the minds of and/or alleviate any concerns a parent may have with their student riding their bike to school via a safe route. We hope these are the first three in a bigger series of similar videos.

Poudre Valley Mobile Home Park to Lincoln Middle School

Timber Ridge Mobile Home Park to Blevins Middle School

Timber Ridge Mobile Home Park to Webber Middle School