The mission/purpose of the Friends of the Fort Collins Bicycle Program, Inc., d.b.a. Bike Fort Collins is to increase participation in active transportation and advance bicycle culture and policy changes, creating safer streets and communities, while also creating an inclusive and empowering culture for all bicyclists, regardless of ability or identity. At itsessence, More Bikes. Safe Streets.

The lists below highlight our accomplishments during the year, many of which we also initially presented as part of our 2021 Agenda.

Additionally, in 2021 Bike Fort Collins introduced a new organizational vision by posing the question, “Can Fort Collins become the Amsterdam of the U.S.” when it comes to bicycling?


While COVID-19 continued to challenge us all in 2021, Bike Fort Collins was able to deliver on its mission (and vision) with the following program highlights:

  •  Represented the state of Colorado in bringing three pieces of legislation to the attention of law makers during Lobby Day of the League of American Cyclists’ virtual National Bike Summit
  • Brought back Ride-Around-Town (RAT) Rides, hosting three rides during the year (May, July, October)
  • Re-introduced BFC’s You Know Me. I Ride a Bike. campaign, featuring 11 worthy individuals
  • As part of our Safe Routes to School program (SRTS):
    • Found ways to still deliver programming during the spring semester, despite schools being closed prohibiting our normal programming, by conducting bike repair sessions within low-income housing communities
    • Provided scholarships to City of Fort Collins’s summer bike camps for low-income youth
    • Developed and executed the Walk/Bike-to-School Challenge for PSD schools in spring and fall garnering three participating elementary schools each time
    • Produced the second annual Wish for Wheels FoCo program delivering 350 bikes to second-graders in PSD’s six Title 1 schools, achieving our program goal in just its second year
  • As part of our Active Living program:
  • Saw new “3-feet clearance” road signage installation begin as a result of our 2020 advocacy efforts, with a spring/phase 1 installation 20+ signs and a fall/phase 2 installation of another 20+ signs
  • Distributed, compiled and presented questionnaire results sent to Mayor and City Council candidates via Special Election Edition of The Pedal Post eNewsletter
  • As part of a grant received by the City of Fort Collins, and in partnership with Northern Colorado Clean Energy and Recycled Cycles, delivered on an eBike pilot program to provide low-income essential workers with free eBikes and accessories to replace single occupant vehicle trips.
  • Hosted a Ride with the Mayor following her election to office, showcasing some of the improvement opportunities in-and-around Fort Collins
  • Initiated the development of a Near Miss App to enable easy crowd reporting of near miss crashes around the region, and ultimately provide data to support the need for bicycle infrastructure improvements. Partnering with North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO) and CSU.
  • In partnership with the City of Fort Collins from a grant through the National Association of Commuter Transportation Officials (NACTO):
  • Brought the Bicycle Film Festival to Fort Collins virtually for the second time, featuring Together We Cycle as a way to introduce BFC’s newly adopted organizational vision (to be the Amsterdam of the U.S. when it comes to bicycling)
  • Inspired by our new vision, helped coordinate a “How the Dutch Do It” webinar with the City of Fort Collins for the benefit of city, county, and CDOT planning officials, partnering with the Dutch Cycling Embassy, the City of Enschede (Netherlands), and Dutch Engineering/Consulting firm, Goudappel
  • Continued the Intersection/Facility Focus Initiative (introduced in 2020) – presenting improvement opportunities to Fort Collins Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) and the City of Fort Collins Transportation Board on three separate occasions/months (February, June, November)
  • Partnered and began advocating for and supporting OMBA’s efforts to bring a Bike Park to Old Town, as well as beginning a push to formalize singletrack sidewalks within urban areas


Bike Fort Collins achieved the aforementioned Program Results in accordance with financial performance depicted below, as well as accomplished the following other organizational and operational highlights: